Side Order

• Vegetable Side Orders

Okra - stir-fried okra, tomato, carom seeds and yoghurt

Spicy Potato - Hot and sour spicy baby potatoes with tempered mustard seeds and cumin

Spinach and Paneer - Cream of spinach with nutmeg, fenugreek and homemade cheese

Five Lentil Mix - North Indian lentils tempered with Panch Prun and garlic

Asparagus - Pan tossed with mustard seeds, garlic butter, curry leaves and coconut flakes

Gunpowder Potatoes (S) - Gunpowder spice mix baby potatoes with spring onions and rosemary

Stir Fried Broccoli with Garlic and Cumin

Spinach and Potato - Fresh baby leaf spinach and baby potatoes tossed in light herbs and spices

Black Lentil - In a rich butter cream of fenugreek, tomato and ginger gravy

Pak Choi Greens (S) - Stir fried with shitake mushrooms, sesame oil, garlic and oyster sauce

Chickpea Masala - Curried chickpeas with dried mango powder

Tandoor Smoked Aubergine Crush

Spinach and Wild Mushrooms - Baby leaf spinach pan tossed in tomato basil and truffle oil sauce

• Rice and Breads

Steamed basmathi rice

Saffron basmathi rice

Lemon chilli rice

South Indian tomato rice

Wild mushroom rice


Naan basket (choice of any two)


Sun dried tomato, olive and cheese naan

Garlic and cilantro naan

Cheese and onion naan

Coconut, almond and golden raisin naan

Basil and chilli naan


Fenugreek paratha

Spicy potato paratha

Tandoori roti

Handkerchief roti

Many of our dishes prepared in the kitchens may contain nut and dairy traces please ask server if you have an allergies to these products before ordering